Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The One With The Effort - Feb. 7, 2016

Because I actually took the time to pre-write this email like I used to, so y'all get a little more to read this week ;) 
Good morning!

This week has been... I can't think of a good word, so I'll just make one up. It's been frabbledinkuswomply. This week we've been trying to contact all the OYMs from last Blitz day, and that's been an adventure. We've found a few people to teach by asking them where the other people live, but all the other people who were "SO ready and incredibly accepting" are hiding from us ;) ha. People. Baka pangit kami. Ayos lang. BUT! We're making a lot of progress in Lebueg (one of our baranggays). 2 of our investigators in LeBueg came to church yesterda! :D Hoorah! Now to see if they're willing to go to Urdaneta for Stake Conference next week... #therealchallenge. 

Also one of our investigators has a giant rooster. Roosters are weird. Speaking of animals, Lola had puppies!! I love Lola :) and her babies :) There's four an we got to name them. The black and white one is named Hamlet, the white one is named Pinky (but no Brain cause there's only one white one), the dark brown puppy is named Taps, and the light brown one is named Burts. Taps pooped on Tapusoa. I laughed. 

I guess this email isn't too much longer than the other ones, huh? Ayos lang. But hey! It's already the last week of the transfer! Ano ba?? That was speedy. Also I make really good mac and cheese. Tonight we're making ramen :) but not the silly packaged ramen. Reeeeeeal ramen. Well, mostly real ramen.

Enjoy these cute animal pictures :) and also pics from our hike the other day. The picture of the blobby thing is from the fabric softener that turned into a monkey when I poured it in the laundry bucket .

Love you all <3

-Sister Burton (Pinakamaganda)

The One With Nephi - Jan. 31, 2016

This week I've been trying to follow Nephi's example by being more obedient. Because it's SO HARD waking up in the morning O_o we had interviews with President Deyro this week and I told him I'm exhausted by the day before I even get out of bed. He said it's probably orange-level stress. Ha. So during personal study the other day I came across 1 Nephi 20:18, which made me think about the things I need to work on to recieve the promised peace. Aaanyway, I've been trying really hard to get out of bed on time this week and exercise, and it's been great! I don't get exhausted til like, 3 or 4! Hooplah!

We had the Blitz in our area this week, so that was great :) the elders kept asking where they were supposed to go and I'm like "Uuuuuuuuummmmm I have no idea. Ask Taps." But they found lots of new people for us :) Hoorah for Israel! 

Strom and I watched most of the Joseph Smith movie and Joseph and Emma are my OTP.

Love you all :3

The One Where We're Relentless - Jan 24, 2016

And soooooo tired O_o Last week was Relentless week in our zone. Then it was announced that this week is Relentless week too... we're tired :) anyway! The work is still going. We had an OYM blitz last friday and there's anti-drug signs everywhere and one of them said "Prohibited Drugs Lead To Hell. Beware." and it made me really happy. I hope everyone's had a good time lazing on a Sunday, lazing on a Sunday, lazing on a Sunday afternoon :) *insert electric guitar solo* I cut my hair yesterday. 

Well, Strom and I cut my hair yesterday. We had no idea what we were doing, but it's okay cause it's fun and I don't have a mullet anymore :D oh frabjous day! Calooh, callay!

Also sometimes I give Voldemort hugs to old ladies because they don't hug me back when I hug them and I'm like WAT I DO NOW. Ha.

This week has been tiring. BUT our less active members are starting to come back to church and that makes me happy :) Hooplah! 

Love the work, love the Lord, love you all :)
Que je crois en toi :3

-Sister Burton

Please enjoy these pictures of us being cute and the tortillas I made and cute animals and things :) 

The One With All The Animals - Jan. 17, 2016

This week has been great :) new area, new people, new animal friends because ONE OF THE MEMBERS HAS MONKEYS. And cool lizard things that I was told were alligators but actually they look like komodo dragons. And one of our less active members has the cutest, sweetest husky :) I love animals. ALL OF THEM. Except insects and spiders. They aren't animals. They're tiny demons. Well, maybe not the scary-as-heck weird squishy ant bug things that are tan and have moth wings and fly with their bodies vertical instead of horizonal and have weird little club feet and grashopper legs... I think those are fairies disguised to look like nasty bugs.

Aaaanyway. The work is still going good :) we just need people to come to church on Sundays because, you know, that's vital :) Go to church. Dooo iiiittttt. Lots of new investigators this week, it's great ^_^ AND! We went to Cute Nanay's birthday party on Saturday. She's the mother of one of our less active members, and she's SO CUTE. She's a little raisin lady and she doesn't understand Tagalog either cause all she speaks is Ilocano, and she gives me a big hug every time she sees me and she always wears an old lady mumu. We learned how to say I love you in Ilocano just for her :) haha "ayayatin ka!"

Anywho, that's pretty much my week :) not much to report... I apologize for the lack of information you're probably wondering about :) But I'm buhay pa. 

Mahal ko kayoooo!
-Sister Burton!

The One With The SIX MONTHS - Jan. 10, 2016

Well this one will be short and mostly pictures :) but the 8th marked my SIX MONTH MARK :D HOOPLAH! That's pretty exciting :) 

Also! It's almost mango season and I'm so excited and probably I'll eat so many I won't want mangoes ever again for the rest of my life :3 yasss.

Did you know I really don't like palabok? I just thought I'd let y'all know. I thought of it today, and I was like "Hmm... palabok is icky."

The work is still going good :) we only had 1 investigator come to church yesterday, BUT all of the less active members we visited this week came to church! :D hoorah! I was so happy ^_^ Life is good!

-Sister Paige Laretta Burton

The One With The Reunion - Jan. 3, 2016


Transfers were this week and I've been transferred to Binalonan. It's great :) my new companion is Sister Tapusoa :) she's way cool. Also! New Years was an adventure, cause everyone feeds you all the time here, apparently. We went to 3 houses and got fed 4 times before lunch... Ha :)

Know what's fun? New Years resolutions :) it's the time where everyone decides on something they want to do better this year. Great, eh? It's too bad we tend to give up as soon as we mess up. But you know, that's where the Atonement comes in :) I think sometimes we think of changing our lives as a one-time, big step; and if we don't succeed at first, we go back to what we did before because it was easier that way. But I've noticed that true change, true repentance, can be a long process. It's doing your very best, but it's okay if you mess up a little sometimes, because Heavenly Father know's we're not perfect. But He also knows that we have the potential to be! So when we do mess up, we rely on the Atonment of our Savior, and we keep doing the best that we can :) and little by little, we'll get to where we need to be. Like backing out of a really bad parking job :D I know, because I'm terrible at parking.

Love you all!
-Sister Paige Laretta Antoinette Francesca Marguerite de la Grande Buche Burton 

The One With The Silent Night - Dec. 27, 2015

Merry Christmas! I guess Silent Night is my nickname now... it's cause I don't talk. But it's okay. Anyway! Christmas was great :) We watched movies and ate food and I made cookies and we had a grand old time :) 

Also on Christmas Eve we had the Christmas initiative at the mall, where Elder Dahle and Elder Dromey put on a concert and we went and OYMed to EVERYONE and we showed church videos and stuff. We had -maybe- a hundred people show up over the 4 hours it was going on, and most of them were members, but that's okay too. We still found people :) 

Malyn and Manilyn were baptized this weekend! :D Hoorah!! Except we waited for Malyn at the church on Saturday and she didn't show up, so Bro. Marny went to their house to see where everyone was and they were like "We can't find her, she's probably at the palengke somewhere." So.... Manilyn was baptized on Saturday. We went to Malyn later that night and told her she could be baptized in the morning, and she was so excited ^_^ so she was baptized Sunday morning. Also she stole my camera and took a picture of her little brother peeing on the steeple of the church... WHY -_- Children. 

Aaaanyway... Someday I'll be strong enough that I can punch really hard underwater so I can punch a shark in the face :)
Love you all! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!